Attention Business Leaders:

Welcome to Unifie, a new program to help you Run Your Business Better!

Unifie is a cloud software that is designed to facilitate the execution of your company’s strategic plan by your team in an accountable, transparent, and methodical manner!

The Problem

Businesses Don’t Fail: Leaders Do

One of the primary reasons business leaders fail is NOT because of lack of charisma or ‘vision’ but because of ‘Bad Execution’ Strategy is critical to success… BUT it's only half the battle. Left unexecuted or poorly executed, your strategy, which might be brilliant, is worthless.

The Answer

Unifie: Team Enablement Software for Business Teams

A successful Leader understands the importance of building a functioning team that, along with himself/herself, can focus on execution, decisiveness, follow-through, and delivering on commitments.

How it Works

Holistic Approach

Unifie combines the key features of project management, strategy planning, an online ‘to-do list’, KPI tracking, and task management into one holistic program that is uniquely designed to enable your team members to achieve their goals and, consequently, the primary objectives that spell success.

Easy to Use

Unifie has been purposely designed to be simple and straight-forward to navigate. Users will quickly be able to learn the main functions of the software and be away to the races.


We realize not all teams function just the same. All nomenclature in Unifie can be easily customized to reflect your particular terminology.

Mobile Ready

If your team are out and about or working from home or an office, they will always have access to Unifie.

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